SHOCK: 60 Minutes Calls Out Pelosi: You Have No Mandate for Policy

Scott Whitlock | January 11, 2021
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[See NewsBusters for more.] Where was this 60 Minutes before the 2020 presidential election? On Sunday, co-host Lesley Stahl grilled Nancy Pelosi, telling the House Speaker that she has no “mandate” on policy and hitting the Democrat for failing to compromise with Republicans. Stahl even brought up Pelosi’s obstruction of the COVID relief bill. In contrast, in a big pre-election 60 Minutes, this same woman said that Joe Biden was "not" part of any controversy related to his son Hunter. On Sunday, Stahl used the famous “someone says” line, often an excuse to tout Democratic talking points, against Pelosi. She hammered the Democrat’s partisan rigidity: “In the election in November, someone said that the-- the mandate that the Democrats won was not about issues because you lost so many seats; that the mandate was for tone, and attitude, and a-- a strong desire for compromise.” 

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