Sick CBS Sees a 'Silver Lining' to Sky High Gas Prices Plaguing Americans

Scott Whitlock | June 15, 2022
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[See NewsBusters for more.] Are you paying $5 or more a gallon for gas when you fill up your car? One of the co-hosts of CBS Mornings on Wednesday wanted you to find the bright side, suggesting that such skyrocketing costs could be the “silver lining” that pushes us off oil. Talking to Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm, the host generally seemed perplexed by the high costs. 

Granholm offered her own version of the upside of staggering gasoline costs, reminding, “We want to move to clean energy, and that's why the President and the bipartisan infrastructure law that was signed invested significant amount of money to move in that direction.” This prompted co-host Tony Dokoupil to pounce, offering happy talk: “Do you see this as a silver lining then to the pain many Americans are feeling? It will accelerate the move you mentioned.” 

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