Speaker Johnson Shuts Down CBS's Margaret Brennan's Denunciation Play

MRC Latino | January 7, 2024
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MARGARET BRENNAN: When president Trump says immigrants are poisoning the blood of our country, is that a statement you agree with? 

SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE MIKE JOHNSON: That’s not language I would use, but I understand the urgency of president Trump's admonition. He's been saying this since he ran for president the first time, that we have to secure the border. And I think the vast majority of the American people understand the necessity of that, and I think they agree with his position. 

BRENNAN: But that statement goes beyond what you are personally comfortable with? 

JOHNSON: It's not language I would use, but- but I understand that it comes from…

BRENNAN: Because it sounds hateful. 

JOHNSON: Well, it's not hateful. What president Trump is trying to advance is his America First priority, and I think that makes sense to a lot of people. The current president, President Biden, wants additional supplemental spending on national security, but he denies the most important point of our own national security and that is our own border. And so, that is frustrating to…

BRENNAN: But you can say that without talking about blood? 

JOHNSON: It's -- President Biden's position is frustrating to us, the American people and to President Trump, and I think that’s what he’s- that’s what he’s articulating there.