Steyn, Concha Mock Loony Newsweek, New Yorker Pieces as Cases of ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’

Curtis Houck | November 22, 2017
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On Tuesday’s Tucker Carlson Tonight, fill-in host Mark Steyn and The Hill’s Joe Concha enjoyed themselves at the expense of the latest liberal media diatribes, showcasing new cases of the incurably stupid Trump Derangement Syndrome involving everything from the death of Charles Manson to the attack on Republican Senator Rand Paul (Ky.).

“Charles Manson is dead, but Newsweek has found a sinister new cult leader to replace him. President Donald Trump. What’s the reasoning? According to Newsweek, Trump and Manson both use, quote, ‘emotional language’ to establish a bond with followers. You know how it is, one day, you’re giving a speech on immigration and the next day, everybody’s writing helter-skelter on the wall and blood. It’s a simple two-step process,” the hilarious Steyn began.