Sununu Runs Right Through Stephanopoulos’ Indictment Question

MRC Latino | April 14, 2024
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GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: …you said in the past that he should drop out if he's convicted in the classified documents case. Do you still believe that? 

CHRIS SUNUNU: No. What- he’s gonna drop out after being the nominee? Of course, not, you know, that's not to be expected at all. All of these cases by the way, the average American, it's all conflated, right? We watch this stuff. We watch the details. The average American sees it more as reality TV. I’m not saying there’s not real issues to bear there, of course there are. But there's clearly politics to bear in some of these cases. That is undeniable. The average American just thinks it's more reality TV and prosecution of him at this point. He plays that victim card very, very well. His poll numbers only go up with this stuff, so to think of this as some sort of deal breaker- again, I’ll go back to where I started, where people are going to say,” yup, if he’s convicted, I'm walking away.” That’s just not going to happen. At the end of the day, they want that culture change of the Republican Party, and if we have to have Trump as the  standard bearer- and the voters decided that’s what they wanted, not what I wanted, but what the voters- the Republican votes wanted- if he’s going to be the standard bearer of that, we'll take it if we have to. That's how badly America wants a culture change.

STEPHANOPOULOS: So just to sum up, you would support him for president even if he was convicted in classified documents. You would support him for president, even though you believe he contributed to an insurrection. You support him for president even though you believe he's lying about the last election, you support him for president even if he's convicted in the Manhattan case. I just want to say- the answer to that is yes, correct?

SUNUNU: Yeah, me and 51% of America.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Governor, thanks for your time this morning.