Telemundo Guest Host Says Trump has a 'vendetta against Latinos'

garvin oliver | August 3, 2018
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ADAMARI LOPEZ, HOST, TELEMUNDO: Nothing justifies it. In terms of this issue, the truth is that it truly breaks our hearts how people who are desperate in their countries come to a place that supposedly is a country of freedom, trying to find a better future for themselves and their children above all, they confront this type of situation. People who show up with an asylum claim and what they want is to find the best way of life for their children, but they end up separated. I know it is a tactic of intimidation.

MARCO ANTONIO REGIL, HOST, TELEMUNDO: That’s what it is, that’s what it is, you have to scare.

ROSELYN SANCHEZ, ACTRESS AND GUEST HOST: It is a policy, it is a strategy for them to say let's do something drastic, radical, for those thinking about coming to this country from Latin America. Because this is a vendetta against the Latinos.


MARCO ANTONIO REGIL: but it is inhumane, it is cruel.

ADAMARI LOPEZ: Of course and what we were saying, it got out of the government’s hands.

ROSELYN SANCHEZ: It got out of hand, of course

HÉCTOR SANDARTI, PRESENTADOR, TELEMUNDO: It’s just look, what is clear is that it is a way to intimidate but it is not working. When we interviewed the Salvadorian lady who came with her daughter who had a very strong trauma, they said they would do it again.


HÉCTOR SANDARTI: My fellow Guatemalan who was just interviewed came out in the report and said I'm sorry for everything that happened. I really I think it's a way to intimidate that got out of hand, because it continues to be totally inhumane.

ROSELYN SANCHEZ: That it got out of hand.


MARCO ANTONIO REGIL: Inhumane, cruel, there is no compassion. It’s making the whole world see the United States. Imagine, the United States that must be the leader of the free world.

ADAMARI LOPEZ: A world power.

ROSELYN SANCHEZ: Of democracy, of liberty, of course!

MARCO ANTONIO REGIL: of unification. The United States that helped to liberate us from Hitler in the past, where is that United States?