Telemundo Was The Only Network To Cover AOC Ethics Investigation

MRC Latino | March 3, 2023
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JULIO VAQUEIRO: Also in Washington: The House Ethics Committee launched an investigation into Republican representative George Santos. The panel will demand whether the lawmake- will examine whether the lawmaker for New York violated campaign finance laws for 2022, as well as allegations of inappropriate sexual conduct made by a former volunteer. Santos's office stated that the congressman is fully cooperating with the investigation.

And Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez also faces an investigation due to her participation in the 2021 Met Gala. There, she wore the famous dress with the inscription "Tax the Rich". The Congressional Ethics Committee voted 5-0 to investigate whether she accepted improper gifts.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez received the dress, a purse, shoes, jewelry, hair, makeup, transportation. She said that she did not violate any ethical rules, but that payments were delayed and she found it to be unacceptable. The Committee maintains that the payments, in the amount of several thousand dollars, were made once they began to investigate her.