Their Ladies: Nets Omit Couric Censoring RBG to Protect Her from Outrage

Nicholas Fondacaro | October 13, 2021
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***The complete post is on NewsBusters***

Former NBC/CBS/ABC (via Yahoo!) news star Katie Couric’s salacious memoir was again making headlines for all the wrong reasons on Wednesday. But instead of making sexually disparaging comments about her female coworkers, this time Couric admitted she had decided to censor potentially controversial comments from Late-Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg where she chastised kneeling athletes for being “stupid” and “really dumb.”

All of this went unreported that evening by her former broadcast employers as they tried to keep Couric’s reputation, Ginsburg’s, and theirs intact.

And as NewsBusters previously reported, instead of covering important topics like this that evening, ABC’s World News Tonight, CBS Evening News, and NBC Nightly News were fixated on actor William Shatner going up into space on a Blue Origin rocket, a bow and arrow attack in Norway, and the FDA’s new guidelines for salt.

So, of course, it was up to Fox News and Special Report to call out this massive violation of journalistic ethics.