Tiresome: MSNBC Tees Up Far-Left Guys With Lazy Softballs on Abortion

Margaret Buckley | July 27, 2022
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Wednesday’s dramatic edition of Morning Joe involved  the assembled cast of sanctimonious liberals seeking to scare Americans with false and exaggerated statements regarding a post-Roe America. For this installment, they used recent speech by a pro-life doctor at a gathering of new University of Michigan Medical School students as a jumping off point, touting how some students walked out in disgust that a physician would have a view in favor of keeping people alive. 

Knowing liberal media darling Mallory McMorrow (D) is a state senator from Michigan, co-host Geist gave her the floor to rebuff the doctor and trumpet the pro-abortion students. Predictably, McMorrow commended the students, calling them “incredibly brave.” In the liberal media's Orwellian world, being pro-abortion is apparently a risk when it's the other way around.