Tuesday’s Hamas Propaganda on the Nets: Dubious Death Toll, Gazan Journo, Cheering U.N.

Curtis Houck | October 24, 2023
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The weeks-long Hamas propaganda campaign on the “big three” of ABC, CBS, and NBC dragged on Tuesday with a slew of misfires (pun intended) that included, along with two of the three failing to mention new U.S. findings about that October 17 hospital fire, the touting of dubious Gaza death tolls (despite admitting they emanate from Hamas), cheering the U.N. trashing Israel, and par-for-the-course sob stories.

NBC Nightly News led the way. Anchor Lester Holt huffed in a tease about Tuesday as “the deadliest day in Gaza since the war began.” Even though chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel would add the Hamas qualifier, Holt didn’t and took Hamas’s tales as gospel.