Univision Gives Sexist Opponent A Platform To Dunk On Mayra Flores

MRC Latino | November 13, 2022
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RAMOS: Congressman, in spite of everything and although this was not a red wave, the Republican Party will surely control the House of Representatives. Do you think that many Latinos feel disillusioned with the promises of the Democratic Party that have not been kept? 

GONZALEZ: Well look. I think we have to keep on working. At the end of the day, Latinos in this country have much more in common with the Democratic Party than with the Republican Party. There is still a lot of hate, and racism, and the proposed policies of the Republican Party that are anti-Latino. And for sure they fool a percentage of Latinos in this country but they don't fool the majority, and we’ve seen that here in this last election. Republicans didn’t win a single county around the Rio Grande. Not one. So they like to talk and say that there is a red wave and that this is coming and that is coming but at the end of the day Latinos, at least in Texas, know which party they belong to.