Univision Shames Victim of Political Violence

MRC Latino | October 25, 2022
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SATCHA PRETTO: And I'll tell you that a Republican Party volunteer woke up in a hospital after being attacked in Florida. The assault appears to have been carried out by a man who was upset that the victim was handing out Republican flyers in his neighborhood while wearing a Governor Ron DeSantis cap and a Senator Marco Rubio T-shirt. The alleged assailant, Jesús López, threw Christopher Monzón to the ground, struck him and kicked him in the face. Congressman Rubio condemns the violence. 

SENATOR MARCO RUBIO (R-FL): It's a pretty serious situation – he suffered a whole slew of injuries. We cannot allow political violence from both sides here- from neither side. And the difference that exists here today is that when there is political violence from someone who they say is a supporter of the right, they devote hours and hours of coverage to it. When it comes from the left, either it is not covered, or the victim is blamed, or it is not talked about anymore. 

PRETTO: The alleged assailant is now facing charges of aggravated battery. Meanwhile, the victim had previously been involved in some protests and had publicly spoken out in favor of white nationalism.