The View: GOP Hates Interracial Marriage, Voted Gay Marriage for Lovers

Nicholas Fondacaro | December 14, 2022
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The so-called fact-checkers refuse to fact-check the lunacy that ABC’s The View spews until it breeches the sensibilities of their social circles. Hence why the cackling coven’s anti-Republicans disinformation goes unchecked. And it’ll likely be the same after Wednesday’s episode saw Joy Behar suggest Republicans opposed interracial marriage and Whoopi Goldberg claim Republicans who voted for the “Respect for Marriage” Act did so at the behest of, presumably, a secret gay lover.

With racist Sunny Hostin scoffing at GOP concerns about a “slippery slope,” Behar flaunted her ignorance of history and proclaimed that she “never knew [interracial marriage] wasn't legal. I had no idea.” Goldberg informed her of Loving v. Virginia (incorrectly saying the ruling came in 1964 when it was 1967).

With this new-found knowledge, Behar wondered if this meant that the Republicans who opposed the Respect for Marriage Act also opposed interracial marriage. “So, does that mean these Republicans who are against gay marriage bill are also against interracial marriage? That’s bad policy to get re-elected,” she deduced. She got pushback from Sara Haines.