The View Spews BIG LIES About Midterms, GOP Raising Voting Age

Nicholas Fondacaro | November 14, 2022
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Grasping at straws in the post-misterms election aftermath, the cackling coven spent parts of their Monday show brewing up false narratives about what the exit polls showed and an unsupported assertion that GOP leaders were going to put forth legislation to raise the voting age to 28. Of course, none of what they said was supported with evidence and ABC News’s Standards and Practices department did not force a correction or clarification.

Near the top of the show, racist co-host Sunny Hostin suggested that exit polls showed just two topics were on the minds of voters last Tuesday and none of them were the economy or inflation. “[T]he voters made it loud and clear that the first thing that was important was that democracy was on the ballot and the second thing that was important was women's rights to health care, and that's it,” she proclaimed.

This wasn’t the first time Hostin made this claim. On November 10, she asserted: “if you look at the exit polls, the two biggest issues, number one, saving our democracy, number two, women's health care rights.” Both times she refused to cite what exit polls she was talking about.