We Regret To Inform You All That CNN Is Still Performing Dramatic Readings Of Trump Trial Transcripts

MRC Latino | May 15, 2024
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ELLIOT WILLIAMS (AS TODD BLANCHE): You referred to President Trump as a “Dictator Douche Bag”, didn't you? 

MARCUS CHILDRESS (AS MICHAEL COHEN): Sounds like something I said.

WILLIAMS: And on that same TikTok, so again on April 23rd, you referred to President Trump when he left the courtroom, you said that he goes right into that little cage, which is where he belongs in an effing cage like an animal. Do you recall saying that? 

CHILDRESS: I recall saying that.

LAURA COATES: Mmm. That’s a dramatic reading, Abby.

ABBY PHILLIP: Yeah. I mean, that's kinda how it went down, intonation and all, Marcus. Thank you for that. Also with us… 

COATES: No New York accent, though! 

PHILLIP: No New York accent, but…

COATES: Where are the New York accents? What are you doin’?!

WILLIAMS: You guys know I can’t do that.

COATES: All right.

ALL: (laughter)