Weirdo Scarborough on Trump Raid Critics: 'Let's Tan Our Testicles!'

Margaret Buckley | August 10, 2022
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When the news of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago being raided by the FBI broke, Morning Joe had an absolute field day, pointing and laughing at the former president’s misfortunes like bullies reacting to a mild burn. On Wednesday, it was the same exact thing all over again, except Joe Scarborough and his broadcasting pals went after all Republicans, calling their logic “twisted.” And watch out: Mika Brzezinski is “concerned.”

 Host Joe Scarborough pretended he is interested in helping the fate of the Republican Party, despite having publicly left it years ago. He insisted that GOP candidates are “underperforming” in special elections. 

“They just can’t seem to connect the dots,” Scarborough states, “they keep careening closer and closer to a cliff of political oblivion.” He furthered his “analysis” by immaturely exclaiming this on national television: “They're going 'This is war, this is war! Let's tan our testicles!’" Real professional, Joe.