While Others MIA, Telemundo & Univision Shine in Anti-Maduro Coverage

garvin oliver | January 11, 2019
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JOSE DIAZ-BALART, NEWS ANCHOR, TELEMUNDO:  Nicolás Maduro’s taking of the oath of office to govern Venezuela for another six years has generated worldwide rejection, following a re-election that has not been recognized by the European Union, the United States, and 13 Latin American countries. The National Assembly declared him a usurper of the office

JORGE RAMOS, SENIOR NEWS ANCHOR, UNIVISION: The head of the Venezuelan regime, Nicolás Maduro, was sworn in for a second term that would extend until 2025. He did so in the midst of isolation and repudiation by part of the international community, which declares him illegitimate. Paraguay became the first country to close its embassy in Caracas and break relations with the Venezuelan administration. 

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