Whoopi Bitter When Confronted with Hollywood’s Elitism, Moral Hypocrisy

Nicholas Fondacaro | March 31, 2022
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For the second day in a row, Thursday, guest co-host and Lincoln Project conservative Tara Setmayer triggered a member of ABC’s The View. This time it was Hollywood elitist Whoopi Goldberg who was irritated that Setmayer had called out the folks of Hollywood for being elitist and for their moral hypocrisy following the slapping incident between actor Will Smith and comedian Chris Rock at the Oscars on Sunday.

“But then they gave him a standing ovation though, Whoopi, which I think again goes back to why some people feel Hollywood elites are a bunch of hypocrites,” Setmayer decried. “Because they give these statements of moral superiority about things, and political statements, and then they're standing there getting a standing ovation after he assaulted Chris rock.”

This immediately set Goldberg off. “I’m sorry. As one of those people -- As one of those people, I’ve got to stop you,” she protested but Setmayer wouldn’t relent and pressed her on what she would have had she been in the room. Goldberg defended the elites.