Whoopi, Hostin: Tim Scott Has ‘Clarence Thomas Syndrome’ on Race in US

Nicholas Fondacaro | May 22, 2023
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South Carolina Republican Senator Tim Scott threw his hat into the presidential race on Monday, and the race baiters of ABC’s The View reacted with scorn against his campaign and his non-extremist views about race in America. Moderator Whoopi Goldberg even suggested Scott suffered from “Clarence Thomas Syndrome” when it came to his positive view of race relations in America.

After Scott was given general praise from co-hosts Ana Navarro and Sara Haines (which was based on race, we’ll get into that later on), staunch racist Sunny Hostin took on the role of “curmudgeon” as she suggested his positive message about America couldn’t resonate with anyone. “I don't know who his message is supposed to resonate with actually. He's talking about victimhood and personal responsibility as if people aren't taking responsibility for their own actions,” she huffed.

She then took a swipe at the GOP by proclaiming: “it just seems to me that the Republican Party has a real racism problem.” She tried to defend herself from possible criticism by suggesting “Those aren't my words. Those are the words of Michael Steele in 2018 … the former RNC chairperson … And he said there's a real problem with racism within the Republican Party. And he should know.”


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