Whoopi: Trump 'Doesn't Believe In' 'The Free World'

Alex Christy | July 9, 2024
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The cast of ABC’s The View circled the wagons on Tuesday to express how “pissed off” they are that some people are calling for President Joe Biden to step aside while downplaying his lousy debate performance as the result of what happens when you’re 81 years old or when you’re “trying so hard to tell the truth.” Even co-hosts who were more open to discussing Biden’s issues were quick to point out that their support for him has not diminished.


Later, Whoopi Goldberg had another excuse why Biden had a bad night: these things just happen, “Look, he's 81. He's 81. And he did have a bad night, just like I have bad nights, like you have bad nights, and you can't plan a bad night. A bad night sneaks up your butt and takes you like a puppet and messes up your night and that happens and all of us have had them.”

Goldberg claimed she was sticking with Biden because, “I want the guy who cares about America, not the guy who's telling me that he's going to be the free world – the leader of the Free World that he doesn't believe in. He doesn't believe in a free world.”

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