On the August 6 Nightline, reporter John Donvan celebrated the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor as a "Jackie Robinson moment."
The Rachel Maddow Show from August 4, 2009 with guest Chris Hayes, Washington editor of The Nation.
Appearing on CNN's Situation Room on July 27, 2009, HBO's Bill Maher slammed the United States as "a stupid country" that gets "dumber and dumber…
SEIU members from other states being allowed into townhall while constituents kept out
A man claims he was kicked by a union member at Democrat Russ Carnahan's townhall
"The View's" Joy Behar inserted feminist arguments into a discussion about a doll designed to simulate breastfeeding.
The man attacked while trying to enter Democrat Kathy Castor's townhall gives his account of what happened
Things get heated inside of Democrat Kathy Castor's townhall. 1000s of constituents were locked out while union members were allowed inside.
On Wednesday's Hardball, MSNBC's Chris Matthews hosted a discussion with Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker and Salon's Joan Walsh as the trio…
Nobody believes Russ Carnahan's absurd claims at this press conference
Democrat John Dingell's Constituents are not happy with Obamacare and they let him know.
A man selling Dont Tread On Me flags was attacked by SEIU members outside of Democrat Russ Carnahan's townhall.
ACORN gets police to keep Obamacare opponents from speaking to anybody... even those who want to talk with them.
Topics in today’s show: -- Obama’s approval ratings continue to fall -- Obamacare requires mandatory end of life counseling --…
The situation boils over as 1000s are shut out of a townhall meeting with Democrat Kathy Castor. Angry people on both sides yell at each other.
An extremely harsh confrontation broke out at a townhall featuring Democrat Kathy Castor. There are even some reports of pushing and fighting.
More than 1,000 people are locked out of a townhall with Democrat Russ Carnahan while SEIU members are allowed inside.
Chris Matthews in an MSNBC promo for "Hardball."
More citizens give their opinions on Obamacare
Protesters express their opposition to Obamacare