Cory Parks
Senior Video Editor
After quitting - then un-quitting - Twitter, CBS finally reported on Hunter Biden’s laptop, TWO YEARS after the New York Post first broke the story. And if you’re looking for real election interference, this is it.
A school board shut off a mom’s mic as she read graphic excerpts from a pornographic book found in her kid’s library. Meanwhile, Disney featured a grown man who cosplays as a genderless mermaid and a Pennsylvania school hosts an event for people who hate straight, white guys.
Oregon Sheriffs Say They Will Not Enforce New Restrictive Gun Control Measure
Republicans at a congressional hearing on Tuesday slammed U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and called for his resignation over record numbers of migrants crossing the southern border. “Have you had a conversation with anyone in the administration about stepping down from your current role?" Rep. Jake LaTurner (R-KS) asked.
FBI Director Refuses To Answer If The FBI Had Agents ‘Dressed As Trump Supporters Inside The Capitol’ Before The Doors Opened
Republicans are playing the blame game to figure out how their “red wave” turned into a pink trickle – but one key demographic tells a far more nuanced story. And it could play a major role in the shifting political landscape moving forward.
‘Door #3’: Poll Workers In Arizona Are Telling Voters The Voting Machines Aren’t Tabulating Ballots Correctly 
It’s the day before Election Day and leftists are already squawking that anything short of a sweeping win for their candidates and agenda items will spell the death of democracy and the end of our country as we know it.
President Joe Biden has a long and storied history of telling flagrant lies – well before he started approaching 80. Meanwhile, leftists say we aren’t allowed to question a candidate’s mental fitness…if they’re a Democrat, of course.