25 Governors Petition Biden To Protect Women's Sports

John Simmons | May 16, 2023
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Transgender women competing against biological women in sports is one of the most contentious issues of our day. And unfortunately, many celebrities - and, surprisingly, some female athletes - support the "right" of biological men competing against women according to their gender 'identity." 

But many U.S. politicians do not. In fact, exactly half of the governors in America have signed a letter petitioning the Biden Administration to rescind and or delay the Department of Education’s (DOE) proposal to alter Title IX to allow males to compete in women's sports at federally-funded institutions.

The DOE has released an amendment that would prevent government-funded institutions from drawing gender boundaries for their sports programs if passed. This means situations like the one that transgender swimmer Lia Thomas created would only become more common, and no one would be able to prevent it from happening.

However, in their letter, the 25 governors said the move will create chaos for schools and negatively impact our education system.

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“Indeed, under threat of denying essential school funding, the Department’s proposed regulation would attempt to coerce compliance with an uncertain, fluid, and completely subjective standard that is based on a highly politicized gender ideology,” the letter reads. “Most troubling, the proposed regulation would turn the purpose of Title IX on its head and threaten the many achievements of women in athletics.”

Thank God, we have a strong contingent of state leaders that haven’t completely lost their minds!

This is just a petition, so it remains to be seen if the DOE’s plan to unleash toxic gender ideology on our schools still gets pushed through. But at least half of our governors recognize this is not right and are using their voices to stand against this evil agenda.

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