Another Audience Breaks Into Pledge Of Allegiance Despite Moderator's Objection

Stephen Gutowski | October 27, 2010

Before a debate in Pennsylvania's 18th district between Democrat Dan Connolly and Republican Tim Murphy it was requested by Murphy that the pledge be recited. However, just like a few days ago, the League of Women Voters moderator objected. Unfortunately for her, just like a few days ago, the audience recited the pledge anyway.

This is such an odd controversy that seems to be created completely by the League of Women Voters. Why is it that both times this has happened the League seems to believe that its a result of some kind of conspiracy to attack them? Seriously, who connects a desire to recite the pledge with some sort of grand conspiracy to take them down?

Besides, how long exactly does it take to recite the pledge? A minute? Why do these moderators seem to believe its going to cut into debate time?