Anthony Weiner Berates, Belittles, and Insults Megyn Kelly During Interview

Stephen Gutowski | March 2, 2011
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This all started off as an interview about whether or not Clarence Thomas should recuse himself from any future Supreme Court cases involving obamacare. However, after Megyn Kelly pressed Democrat Congressman Anthony Weiner on some of his arguments the interview quickly devolved. After a couple attempts by Kelly to move beyond the disagreements and on to other topics the whole thing hit bottom as Weiner began berating, belittling, and insulting Megyn Kelly.

I'll let you draw your own conclusions but is this really proper behavior for a guest on a tv program? Let alone an elected representative. Regardless, though, a performance like this by a prominent liberal against a Fox News host is sure to, sadly, build up Weiner's credit on the left.

How's that for our new tone?

UPDATE: Thank you Wonkette and various liberals in the comment section for living up to my prediction!

UPDATE: So is anyone surprised that the most popular comment on Wonkette's story is also (content warning) the most misogynistic?

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