Biden Admin. Says 'Mildly Symptomatic' Nurses With COVID Can Work - But the Unjabbed Shouldn't

P. Gardner Goldsmith | January 4, 2022
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According to the Biden administration, it's better to employ a vaccinated-yet-COVID-positive nurse who's currently experiencing symptoms to attend sick patients than to employ an unvaccinated - yet healthy and asymptomatic - nurse, in perhaps one of the most confusing and agenda-revealing stunts by the federal government yet.

Per updated - and outrageous - guidance from the CDC, in a "contingency" situation created by medical personnel shortages driven in part by the federal government's vaccine mandate on health care workers, nurses who have tested positive for COVID and who are still "mildly symptomatic" may return to work after quarantining for a mere five days (as opposed to the regularly mandated 10), provided they at least feel like they're getting better. And, even more insanely, under a "crisis" situation, those same COVID-positive, symptomatic nurses may be required to isolate for even shorter periods - or perhaps not at all - before returning to work.

All while the government continues to push their ban on unvaccinated health care workers in federally funded facilities with more than 100 workers, a rule that's currently active in 26 states while the other 24 await a decision by the U.S. Supreme Court.

In a NY Post piece, my friend James Bovard explains it:

After Biden dictated that all health-care workers must be fully vaxxed, hospitals responded by firing thousands of nurses who refused to get injected (many of the nurses had natural immunity after surviving COVID infections). That spurred shortages of critical personnel at hospitals, so Biden sent in more than a thousand US military personnel to assist hospitals. That failed to solve the problem, so the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention just revised its guidelines to permit employers to rely on asymptomatic COVID-positive employees previously banned from their premises.

Get ready…

According to Biden policymakers, it is better for hospital patients to be treated by COVID-positive nurses (whose COVID vaxxes failed to safeguard them from the virus) than by unvaccinated nurses untainted by COVID. Vaccination status has gone from being a proxy for health to being a substitute for sane health-care policy.

You read that right. Here's the actual guidance itself straight from the CDC's website:


See if that makes any sense, or see if it shreds the ongoing and permutating government COVID fairytales about the jabs, the weakly-argued need to purge the “un-jabbed,” the supposed danger of this virus, and the entire goal of the pandemic narrative.

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If the jabs are so great, how did these people get “infected”? And if the goal of Biden’s jab-mandates is to protect people from getting infected, then why is the CDC giving the okay to medical centers utilizing people who are infected – but that it’s only okay to employ them if they are jabbed?

Apparently, it's fine to use sick-but-vaxxed medical workers in a pinch - just don’t hire un-jabbed people who no longer are sick and have real T-Cell and B-Cell antibodies thanks to the fact that they already got the virus over the past two danged years.


The pride-knitted political sweater is unraveling. The jab edicts pushed by Biden, state politicians, and corporate hacks have had such a profoundly negative impact on medical facilities. As I reported Monday for MRCTV, California-based medical corporation, Kaiser Permanente, had to pull employees off its Rose Parade float Saturday to utilize them in medical centers that are short-staffed after the corporation fired thousands of the “un-jabbed.”

Hubris. Arrogance. Pride.

These elitists might want to step away from the proverbial government gun that they point at all of us “for our own good.” They might want to consider the wisdom of Proverbs 16:18: 

“Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before the fall.”

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