Brazilians Flood Roads Protesting Questionable Bolsonaro Election Loss: 'We will not Allow a Corrupt Criminal to Rule Us!'

Nick Kangadis | November 1, 2022
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It looks like Americans aren’t the only ones concerned about the integrity of their elections.

Tens of thousands of people in Brazil — possibly heading into the hundreds of thousands territory — have flooded streets while truckers and farmers take to highways to protest the results of the recent presidential election which saw incumbent Jair Bolsonaro ousted by the smallest of margins by socialist candidate Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

While establishment news outlets run by billionaires that aren’t harassed simply for owning it will spin their own narratives, even The Washington Post reported on the unrest in Rio de Janeiro and beyond. They reported that it seems like the police are on the side of Bolsonaro as well.

Scattered roadblocks by Brazilian truckers supporting defeated President Jair Bolsonaro grew to more than 200 actions in 22 states by Tuesday morning, forcing the cancellation of some flights in Brazil’s largest city as the incumbent’s silence after losing Sunday’s election spread uncertainty over his next move.

At one point, more than 300 roads were partly or totally blocked, leading the country’s top election authority to demand that the Federal Highway Police use “all necessary measures” to unblock the highways. That authority, Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes, threatened the head of the police with imprisonment and fines of nearly $20,000 if he did not comply by midnight Tuesday.

On Tuesday morning, Moraes said the Federal Highway Police was not responding and authorized state police to step in, beyond their jurisdiction. He authorized fines for truckers.

Video is emerging from within the Brazilian landscape showing the discontent of a large numbers of people towards the election results. They simply do not believe the outcome was valid, so much so that the protests will reportedly station at least a portion of itself outside "the Brazilian army barracks" on Wednesday. 

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There’s also video of truckers closing down highways in protest of the results, with one report stating the truckers have said, "We will not allow a corrupt criminal to rule us!"


But not all is peaceful as there is also video of people rioting and taking food from Rio’s “main…distribution center.”

It’s not exactly clear what happened in Brazil’s most recent election, but the unrest doesn’t seem to be slowing down, and Bolsonaro — according to WaPo — hasn’t spoken out about the results.


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