Gay Couple Enlists Two Women To Help Genetically Engineer Their Children

Brittany M. Hughes | March 29, 2024
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Two gay men who dress up as women are genetically engineering babies with the help of not just one, but two women. Which, frankly, may just be as twisted, unnatural, evil, and bizarre as it gets.

Meet Nathan and Joseph Hughes, a gay couple in Dallas. Both biological men have facial hair while also sporting heavy makeup, effeminate clothing, and long manicured fingernails, so when it comes to what they think they are, your guess is as good as mine.

But apparently, being deviants wasn’t quite enough to keep these guys busy. Now, they say they’ve managed to conceive two children - already named Dylan and Kyle - with the help of both a friend and a family member.

One of the couple’s friends, referred to in a video as “Aunt Courtney,” donated her eggs to the effort and is the children’s biological mother, while “Aunt Brianna,” Joseph’s sister, is now serving as the surrogate who will carry and birth the babies. It’s not clear whether one or both men contributed the male genetic material, though it’s safe to say neither one is packing a genetic gold mine here.

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The pair has documented their children's existence on Instagram like their own personal reality TV show, where they've raked in hundreds of thousands of views. Meanwhile, their children, who did not ask to be created using one woman's eggs and implanted in another woman, will be ripped away from both their biological mother and the woman who carried and birthed them to be raised by two gay men who can't even decide what they are, much less know how to raise stable little humans.

Now, I’m not one to give the Lord instructions. But let’s just say if He wanted to send Jesus back right about now, I wouldn’t argue.