Got Gay? USDA Links Biden's 'LGBTQI+' Agenda To Foreign Agriculture Grants

Brittany M. Hughes | January 11, 2024
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Other countries that want to get their hands on American taxpayer cash better prove they’ve got enough non-binary transgender gay farmers first.

According to a new report from the Daily Signal, the Biden Administration is tying “LGBTQI+” (did we get all the letters?) support to tax-funded USDA grants sent overseas to make sure the left's rabid gay and trans agenda is being pushed all over the globe.

The USDA’s Sub-Working Group for the Memorandum on Advancing the Human Rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Intersex Persons Around the World - a tax-funded group with a title two full Word document lines long and which has exactly zero basis in the U.S. Constitution, but that we pay for nonetheless - sent out an internal memo on Oct. 18 that listed three agencies working internationally. The Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project got their hands on the memo, which explained that the working group is “exploring additional long-term projects to further promote the human rights of LGBTQI+ persons around the world and coalition building of like-mind (sic) nations.”

Because, as we all know, that is the job of a federal department of…agriculture

In the memo, the group identified the Foreign Agricultural Service, the federal agency in charge of issuing agriculture grants to foreign nations (i.e., writing other countries checks backed by our cash), saying the FAS will looking at adding “sexual orientation nondiscrimination protections into FAS terms and conditions for grants and agreements and notices of funding opportunities (NOFOs) to international beneficiaries,” and is “investigating if there is a need for additional sexual orientation nondiscrimination training for those living, working or traveling abroad.”


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Translation: Are your farmers gay enough for our money?

The memo suggests that a country's policies toward LGBTQI+ identifying person, presumably within the field of agriculture, could be tied to whether they get financial grants from the U.S. And, while I'm all for chopping the amount of money we fork out to other nations, linking it to whether they're supportive enough of their transgender banana growers seems more than a little ridiculous.

Now, you may be wondering why in the world the Department of Agriculture, which frankly probably shouldn’t actually exist in the first place and most certainly shouldn’t be funneling American cash overseas, is concerning itself with whether other countries are gung-ho about the alphabet crowd in the first place. After all, the sexuality of a farmer hardly matters in the growing of heartier beets.

Well it turns out this order came from the top down. The working group was created as just one of countless similar tax-funded bureaucracy bubbles thanks to a 2021 memo from President Joe Biden, which mandated that every single federal agency figure out how to weave the left’s LGBTQI agenda into U.S. diplomacy and foreign aid. To USDA, that meant making sure foreign grant recipients have enough two-spirit pansexual potato ranchers.

And adding pronouns to all the department’s email signatures, of course.

So there you have it, folks. Faced with a failing public education system, crumbling infrastructure, rampant crime and homelessness, a mind-boggling immigration crisis, and crippling inflation, you can rest easy knowing that queer Mexican cabbage farmers are covered thanks to some bullying from the USDA over where to send your cash. 


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