Mass. Hospital Will No Longer Auto-Report Babies Born With Drugs In Their System, For 'Racial Equity'

Brittany M. Hughes | April 4, 2024
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A major hospital system in Massachusetts says it will no longer automatically report babies who’ve been born with drugs in their system to the state for suspected child abuse or neglect, citing “racial equity” as their reasoning.

You read that right - a medical institution is putting wokeness ahead of the life and health of infants. Then again, what else is new?

The Mass General Brigham Hospital system, which includes obstetrics and gynecology wards at Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Newton-Wellesley Hospital, and Salem Hospital, says they’re changing the policy on drug testing for pregnant women and newborn babies, explaining that they will now require written consent to test an expectant mother for illicit drug use. In addition, the hospital says they will now only order the test if a doctor determines it would impact medical treatment decisions for the woman or her child.

Even if a newborn baby is tested and found to have drugs in their system, the hospital says it will no longer automatically report the situation to the state unless there are “other concerns” that the child may be abused or neglected - you know, on top of the fact that Mom was getting high while pregnant. In defense of their new rule, the hospital claims that “substance exposure” alone - including evidence the baby had been exposed to opioids in utero, apparently - does not indicate a parenting concern.

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Dr. Sarah Wakeman, senior medical director for substance use disorder at Mass General Brigham, actually went on the record stating that “The goal here is balancing the safety of infants and families” and that “A positive toxicology test does not tell you anything about someone’s ability to parent.”

So why would a major medical institution turn a blind eye to kids being born drugged up? Why, to see from being branded as racists, of course.

Mass General Brigham said the new policy will address the "racial and ethnic inequities" in healthcare, claiming that substance abuse disorder in pregnant women "disproportionately affects Black individuals.” The hospital added that studies show that Black pregnant women are more likely to be drug tested and reported to welfare agencies than white mothers.

Or, you know, maybe just don’t do crack - and definitely don’t do it while carrying a baby who has no choice but to get high right along with you, risking their development and their very lives in the process.

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