'Trans' Weightlifter Takes Top Spot In Women's Event, Shocking No One

Brittany M. Hughes | March 27, 2024
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Let's hear it for the...girls?

Vicki Piper, a trans-identified biological male who was inexplicably allowed to compete in women’s weightlifting, took first place over his female competitors at the Masters National Weightlifting Championships this weekend in Reno, Nevada last weekend. Video from the event posted to X by LibsofTikTok shows Piper handily out-lifting the women on stage before taking his stolen place on the top of the podium next to the two actual ladies he beat out for the first place spot, dwarfing them both.

What’s interesting about Piper’s win in weightlifting is that the sport itself has two entirely different metrics for calculating an athlete’s score based on their biological gender. For males, judges use the fairly complicated Sinclair-Meltzer-Faber (SMF) formula, which adjusts for things like age and body mass. For females, they use the Sinclair–Huebner–Meltzer–Faber (SHMF) standard. The two different methods literally exist based on the understanding - or, at least, what used to be the understanding - that men and women are biologically different, and exhibit different abilities in weightlifting.

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And, you know, sports in general.

In fact, one study conducted in 2021 that investigated the difference between male and female power lifters found that “significant differences in strength and power relative to body mass, lean body mass, and muscle thickness exist between male and female strength and power athletes,” as anyone with basic common sense and two eyeballs could probably have said without doing an ounce of research.

And yet, here’s Piper, grinning away on the podium next to two women who he unfairly beat out thanks to a biological advantage his competitors could not possibly have overcome. And it's not the first time - just last year, Anne Andres, a 40-year-old dude with ridiculous blue hair who cosplays as a woman, won a women's weightlifting tournament by lifting 463 lbs more than the second-place runner-up at the event. 

Why are women putting up with this, again?

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