Latest Spending Bill Limits Flags - Including 'Pride' Ones - At US Embassies, and Libs Are MAD

Marya Dunning | March 26, 2024
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The idea that there should be limits on flags flown over US embassies is now…discriminatory toward the alphabet mafia?

A clause in Congress' latest $1.2 trillion spending package listed the types of flags that can be flown over US embassies, limiting the permitted flags to the American flag, state flags, foreign flags, tribal flags, Foreign Service flags, Hostage and Wrongful Detainee flags, agency flags, and POW/MIA flags.

As the “Pride” flag is not among these, the alphabet people immediately got angry and made it about themselves.

“With famine in Gaza, with a migrant crisis on our own southern border, Republicans still made time to target queer people,” journalist LZ Granderson wrote for the LA Times. (Funny how leftists admit that there’s a border crisis when it’s convenient to them.)

One Redditor immediately brought out the Holocaust metaphors.

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“First it’s at embassies. Then it’s all government buildings in the US. Then it’s banned completely for everyone. Then gay bars start getting raided and shut down,” the Redditor wrote. “Then social media companies and websites are forced to censor anyone discussing LGBT. Then the arrests start. They’ll set up camps to keep us in. Eventually they won’t bother to let us live at all.”

A spokesperson for the White House even stated that the clause was “targeting LGBTQI+ Americans.”

Will someone mention that this policy prohibits flags with conservative messaging flying over the embassy as well?

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