United States of...Where? Massachusetts Town Raises PALESTINIAN Flag Over Town Commons

Brittany M. Hughes | November 16, 2023
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This is still the United States of America, right? It’s getting harder and harder to recognize. Especially when morons do stuff like this.

A town in Massachusetts raised a Palestinian flag beneath their own town’s banner this week - the same Palestinian flag flown by Hamas, the terrorist group that brutally murdered more than 1,200 Jews in early October and has since hidden like cowards behind toddlers.

Yeah, that flag.

According to Town Hall, the decision to raise the flag was approved after an hour of public comment during a North Andover Select Board meeting Monday night. But it looks like the public comment section was simply a box to check off the legal list, as the board had already made up its mind to approve the flag well before the townspeople were allowed to chime in, saying the application to fly the flag, submitted by 18-year-old Selma Khayal, came six hours before they voted on a new policy that would have allowed them to deny it.

A statement released by the board prior to the meeting read, in part, “The content or the subject matter of a flag cannot be considered when reviewing an application presented under the old policy. According to the decision in the [Shurtleff v. Boston Supreme Court] case, the Town may not prohibit a flag to be flown based on its content, its meaning or its message.”

Supporters of the flag said it was only fair that Palestine's flag be given its moment in the spotlight, given that the town had previously voted to fly Israel's flag  for a short time following the terror attacks on Oct. 7 that left more than a thousand Israeli civilians dead and hundreds more taken hostage.

“If Israel gets their flag to fly in the North Andover common then Palestinians deserve that same right," one woman said.

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At the same time, the board also voted to approve a new policy that nixes applications from the public to fly different flags, limiting official flags to “government speech” only. Just not in time to turn down this one.

“The new policy does not allow a resident to submit an application to raise a flag,” the board noted. “Based upon the timing of the circumstances as previously described, this policy does not apply to the flag application currently in discussion. However, this is the last flag application to be considered under the old policy.”

How convenient.

And it's not new. Worcester City, Massachusetts, had already approved a request by the Islamic Society of Greater Worcester to fly the Palestinian flag beneath the state and city flags for five days earlier this month, which the city approved per policy.

The flag is now set to fly on the town commons flagpole until December 7, just below the American flag and one honoring POW/MIA. For their sake, I hope there are no Jews in North Andover. I wouldn't want to have to stare at the flag of a bunch of people who think I should be wiped off the face of the map, either.

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