Canada Loosens Up Assisted Suicide Requirements to Include Mentally Ill Beginning Next Year

Nick Kangadis | October 27, 2022
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Even though the term has been politically sanitized over the years, assisted suicide has been a regulated law on the books in Canada since 2016. But, the law — tone-deafly known by its acronym MAID (Medical Assistance in Dying) — is getting an update, which is leaving some people thinking that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Canada has gone too far.

According to Fox News, the expansion of MAID — set to occur in March 2023 — will be “extending eligibility to those with a mental illness,” reportedly as well as “mature minors” looking to be “euthanized by state doctors without the consent of their parents.”

Margaret Sanger would be proud that our society has gotten to a point where governments are seemingly going to be assisting people to kill themselves.

MAID specifically was for people who were considered to have "Grievous and irremediable medical condition(s)," excluding mental illness until the aforementioned March 2023 timeline.

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The law also states the following:

In order to be eligible for medical assistance in dying, you must meet all of the following criteria. You must:

  • be eligible for health services funded by the federal government, or a province or territory (or during the applicable minimum period of residence or waiting period for eligibility)
    • generally, visitors to Canada are not eligible for medical assistance in dying
  • be at least 18 years old and mentally competent. This means being capable of making health care decisions for yourself.
  • have a grievous and irremediable medical condition
  • make  a voluntary request for MAID that is not the result of outside pressure or influence
  • give informed consent to receive MAID



The list of people who can seek to be offed by the government is a growing one, with MAID already applying to multiple groups, as Creighton School of Medicine professor Charles Camosy told Fox News host Tucker Carlson Wednesday evening.

“We’ve got the homeless, we talked about that last time,” Camosy said. “The poor. The disabled. Those with chronic pain. And then right before coming on, I researched the physicians group in Quebec that wants to kill newborn infants. That’s what's coming next.”

Typically, those types of physicians are called abortionists, but this now extends to children already born.

Would you want to leave a medical decision concerning an immediate family member to the any government, let alone one led by the incompetent Trudeau? And they could “assist” in that death before anyone in your family even knows about it.

Communism is here, folks. It’s been here for a while, just not so out in the open as it is today.

While we have great respect for our freedom-loving neighbors to the north, their government seems to have overstepped the bounds of decency and gone right into 1930s and 40s era German practices.

“What we need to do, is support in whatever way [we] can, health care that is about caring, not killing,” Camosy also told Carlson.


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