Concerned Mother Blasts Senator Hagan (D-NC) Over Obamacare

Stephen Gutowski | August 18, 2010
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It seems that some liberals have started to craw out of their hiding places to face their constituents. Just a couple of days ago we saw Rep Melissa Bean (D-IL) and her beefy librarian friend intimidating her constituents and earlier today we heard news of Rep Tom Perriello (D-VA) banning people from bringing signs to his town halls. Now video has surfaced of Senator Kay Hagan having the consequences of her vote for Obamacare explained to her by a woman worried about her children. (h/t Brian Faughnan) Obamacare is a disaster, voters know it, and they're going to let their representatives know it:

The mother in this video makes a great case for how damaging Obamacare will be to average Americans. In fact, probably the saddest thing about this incident is the fact that the mom is clearly far more informed about health care reform than the senator. It seems the only thing that Senator Hagan can do when confronted by someone knowledgeable is repeat tired and factually challenged talking points.