Disney Pulls Dozens of Shows For 'Cost Cuts' - and Many of Them Are Unpopular Woke Garbage

Sarah Merly | May 25, 2023
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On May 18, Nellie Andreeva of Deadline reported that Disney+ will remove dozens of shows from its platform tomorrow, a move the company says is merely for the sake of cost cuts. A deeper study of the list, however, shows that Disney, unsurprisingly, may not have been entirely honest with this report.

As a young conservative, I unsubscribed to Disney+ months ago. So when I read this list, I remembered hearing about most of the content, but only by name. Very few of them could I identify as being super "woke," promoting issues children shouldn’t even know about. I simply knew that these shows weren’t very popular. After all, who’s watched The Real Right Stuff or Timmy Failure more than The Mandalorian or WandaVision?

As a result, I didn’t know much about the content on the list, so I started researching them. Lo and behold, wokeness was undeniably the common denominator among many of the movies and television shows Disney's now pulled.

Take the television show "Willow," for instance. Although it premiered only last November, Disney is already taking it down. In his review, Paul Asay of Plugged In details a lesbian romance introduced in the show's pilot episode, writing, “Kit, meanwhile, won’t commit to her marriage. As she prepares to run away, she gives Jade a kiss on the mouth. Jade seems surprised and refuses to go with her, saying it’s always been her dream to serve the queen. When they head off on the quest together, they lie next to each other with their hands almost touching.”

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The LGBTQIA+ propaganda in Disney content isn’t limited to Willow, though. A gay couple gets “married” at Disney World in "Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings," and lesbian children appear in John Stamos’ sports comedy "Big Shot." Concerning children’s movie "Better Nate Than Ever," Courtney Howard of Variety writes, “It’s LGBT-positive in terms of representation and acts as a love letter to musical artistic expression.”

These “offerings” are only a fraction of the gay propaganda Disney+ is throwing out.

Other woke themes surface in the booted content, too. Reporter Petrana Radulovic of Polygon writes of the ostentatiously feminist "The Princess," “Its fairy-tale tropes could make it look like a Disney film from a distance….[b]ut it’s actually a 20th Century Studios title, an R-rated killer-combat film that lets the unnamed princess at its center do serious, bloody damage.” In addition, children’s show "Diary of a Female President" combines its lesbian and feminist propaganda with diversity. 

Are all the titles woke? I don’t think so. Several of them look sort of fun, while others just have plain bad storytelling. However, the very fact that Disney is taking out these lesser-known woke shows instead of things like "The Proud Family" reboot and "Lightyea"r seems very intentional. By hiding these lesser-known shows in the midst of simply very unpopular ones, fewer people will be able to notice Disney’s awareness of the true reason they’re losing money. By purging the content they chose on the list, there will be less clamor for an actual apology from Disney. 

If you take a look at the Walt Disney Company’s recent history, the company hasn’t shown any self-awareness -at least publicly - of the connection between wokeism and poor reception, save for a meager statement by CEO Bob Iger. Yet it’s quite clear that this purge is more than just a way to save money; it’s a way for Disney to quietly get rid of some its offensive content without admitting defeat in the war between conservatives and adherents to wokeism.

It’s our responsibility to call Disney out and demand more. And it’s what the next generation of American children deserve.

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