'Woke' For Work? Study Shows Schools Using Ideological Qualifications For Hiring Teachers

Evan Poellinger | September 13, 2023
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A report issued by the National Opportunity Project (NOP) has revealed that public school districts across America have been creating ideological qualification standards to hire teachers, as well as diversity quotas in order to ensure the perfect identitarian and ideological makeup in their classrooms.

Last month, NOP released a report which detailed a survey of 69 different school districts in which NOP requested documents related to job postings, qualifications, hiring documents, screening tools, and interview questions.

NOP learned from the documents they received that school districts were conducting ideological and identity screening of teacher applicants.

These screenings include loaded application questions, such as one from Edina Public Schools in Minnesota asking “describe a time when you experienced or witnessed an inequity. What steps did you take in response to the situation?” Another question from Denver Public Schools asked “do you think the classroom is an appropriate place to discuss race? Culture? If so, what do those discussions look like?”

Other methods of screening included parameters like those from Chicago’s Oak Park 97 district, which recommends considering “whether a candidate demonstrates interests and skills that reflect the district’s equity policy” and from Spokane Public Schools in Washington, which considers “cultural competency” of candidates as part of their hiring process. Written response prompts have also been used, such as one which requested the candidate to draft a response to a parent upset over a Critical Race Theory-influenced curriculum, while the response rubric dictated “‘assure there is at least one person of color and one woman or gender-fluid person’ involved in scoring the response.’”

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Along with ideological screening, school districts were found to have implemented diversity objectives as part of the hiring process. Oak Park-River Forest High School in Illinois declared “we seek faculty and staff who reflect the demographic of our student population,” while the School District of Clayton in Missouri stated that they “use a racial equity framework to design and implement processes for recruiting, hiring and retaining a diverse workforce.”

Ironically, while pledging their loyalty to the idol of diversity, these schools all appear to have taken measures which ensure a complete ideological and curricular uniformity  - all on behalf of CRT and DEI ideology.

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