Fauci: 'Republicans Don't Like Being Told What To Do, and We've Gotta Break That'

Brittany M. Hughes | March 21, 2023
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If you know anything at all about Washington, D.C., you know that our nation’s capital is known for its high prevalence of right-wing, staunchly conservative Republican voters, whose backwards political mindset is the only reason a person wouldn't trust the government to stick a needle in their arm for a virus that upwards of 99% of the population will survive. 

At least, that’s what Dr. Anthony Fauci, COVID shutdown mastermind and Vax-Pusher-in-Chief, believes.

In a clip filmed in 2021 as part of a PBS “American Masters” series - this episode highlighting Fauci as one of the “important figures in America's artistic and cultural life” - Fauci claimed unvaccinated people aren’t getting jabbed because "they're Republicans" and “Republicans don’t like being told what to do,” saying that it’s up to government bureaucrats and their shills to “break” them of that attitude.

"What are we gonna do about those other states?" D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser asked Fauci while waiting for a D.C. resident to open their door to their propaganda team going door-to-door trying to convenience people to get the shot. 

“They're are going to keep the outbreak smoldering in the country," Fauci responded.

'It's so crazy. They're not doing it because they say they don't want to.They’re not doing it. They’re Republicans, and Republicans don’t like being told what to do. And we’ve gotta break that. Unpack that,” he went on - while standing in an impoverished D.C. neighborhood smack in the middle of one of the country’s firmest Democrat strongholds, trying to convince hesitant black residents to get jabbed.

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It’s a pretty weak excuse to blame Republicans for why people in an urban minority community aren’t willing to line up and stick out their arms for a shot. And it looks like most people - regardless of their personal political affiliation - weren’t buying Fauci’s rotten bat meat. One man virtually hollered the pair off his front porch as they pressured him to get vaccinated, telling them he wasn’t about to get a hastily cobbled-together shot for a virus that’s akin to the flu and accusing them of “inciting fear.”

Nearly two years after that clip was filmed, we now know that it is possible to get vaccinated and still die of COVID, while most unvaccinated people who contract COVID will survive. We also know health "experts" and drug companies like Pfizer knew the vaccine hadn't been tested to stop transmission of the virus before being rolled out to the public, even as politicians and bureaucrats like Fauci were telling people that getting vaccinated would eradicate the virus entirely (hint: it doesn't). Evidence also suggests there are risks - including fatal ones - associated with the vaccine that weren't initially disclosed to the public. 

Turns out the black man standing on his front stoop in his urban neighborhood in a deep-blue city had a pretty good grasp of the truth well before all the government's COVID lies began pouring out into the light. 

Huh. Must have been just another MAGA hat-wearing Trump voter.