Former Bears’ All-Pro Hammers President Over U.S. Border Crisis 

Jay Maxson | December 30, 2022
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Former NFL defensive great Brian Urlacher on Thursday delivered a crunching verbal sack to President Joe Biden for the southern border disaster.

During an interview with Outkick’s Dan Dakich, Urlacher, who made the Pro Football Hall of Fame by blowing up NFL offenses as a Chicago linebacker, chastised the president for refusing to acknowledge the open border and human trafficking, and blasted his and Vice-President Kamala Harris’s refusals to go down to the border to see the humanitarian mess they’ve created. 

“They don’t care obviously,” Urlacher told Dakich. “‘Offend’ is a good word, because it’s important to me to keep our borders safe. I think it’s important to most Americans.” 

Few current or former athletes, woke as many of them are, will say a peep about the border crisis. Urlacher broke that silence by calling out President Biden for side-stepping media questions about the border.: 

“He doesn’t answer questions about much unless it’s a set-up question. You see him up there speaking and right when someone asks him about the border he just turns around and walks off. 

“Harris doesn’t answer questions about it either. The lack of empathy and information they have about it — maybe they have information, they just don’t want to share it with us — is frustrating to watch.” 

Urlacher added that the massive uptick of human trafficking on President Biden’s watch has been a huge scandal.

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“[Cartels] are making more money on trafficking than they are on drugs,” Urlacher commented. “The migrants are easier to get across than the drugs are right now."

An estimated 5.5 million illegal aliens have crossed our border since Biden took office, according to the Federation for American Immigration Reform. Urlacher questioned the president’s motives for refusing to uphold immigration law.: 

“In my mind, I’m thinking ‘how is the administration letting this go on? Are they making money off it as well? Are they partnering with the cartels to make money off these people coming across the border?’ Because if they weren’t they would stop it. They would put a stop to it and make sure these cartels stop making the money.” 

The administration is enabling people to enter the country illegally, and taxpayers have footed the cost of housing some in ritzy hotels. It’s a “terrible” situation, noted Urlacher, who owns a home in the border state of Arizona. 

As athletes go, Urlacher appears to be the lone voice on the border scandal right now, as LeBron James, Megan Rapinoe and other woke yappers are completely silent on what's been happening.

Like Biden and Harris, they obviously don’t care about it either.