Israeli Labour Party Postpones Their Election Because of Britney Spears

ashley.rae | April 6, 2017
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The Israeli Labour Party is delaying its leadership vote because pop princess Britney Spears is playing in town.

The Times of Israel reports the Labour Party was scheduled to hold its chairman vote on July 3, the same day Spears will be performing her first ever show in Israel.

The primary vote and the performance were both scheduled to take place in northern Tel Aviv. According to Haaretz, Spears will be playing at Hayarkon Park, which is next to the Convention Center where the Labour vote is likely to take place.

A Labour spokesman told the Times of Israel pushing back the date of the vote to July 4 would “make it easier for people to reach polling stations.” He also added, because of the popularity of the concert, there has been “a difficulty in recruiting security guards.”

Former party leader Amir Peretz, who is likely to challenge Labour leader Isaac Herzog, told army radio, “We put it back one day to July 4. They said there were likely to be traffic jams.”

"American Independence Day has a lot of messages we can take on board," he continued. “The 4th July suits us very well.”

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