Britney Spears

Wallace White | August 5, 2022
It’s not every day you see pop stars expressing even remotely any interest in the Catholic Church. Seems Britney Spears is a trailblazer in that…
Libby | July 21, 2021
Reps. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.) and Charlie Crist (D-Fla.) introduced a house bill to protect those under conservatorships and guardianships, in aims to…
ashley.rae | April 6, 2017
The Israeli Labour Party is delaying its leadership vote because pop princess Britney Spears is playing in town. The Times of Israel reports the…
Nick Kangadis | February 19, 2016
(Image: Instagram) On Thursday, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton met with Britney Spears in Las Vegas...and Bill wasn't far behind…
Monica Sanchez | February 24, 2015
Christina Aguilera (@xtina) does her best impressions of @cher, @britneyspears, & @shakira!…
Stephen Gutowski | April 28, 2011
A group of Marines deployed in Afghanistan do their best Britney Spears impression. Pretty hilarious.
Jpoor | January 13, 2009
Clip from Britney Spears "If U Seek Amy"
MarkF | December 2, 2008
Celebrating Britney Spears's return, GMA features a rough-sex pantomine clip in which Spears kicks a guy in the crotch. Double-standard alert.