George Soros Demanded ‘America and Israel Must Open the Door to Hamas'

Joseph Vazquez | October 11, 2023
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In a 2007 op-ed, leftist billionaire George Soros outrageously called on America and Israel to “open the doors” to Hamas, and now that clarion call has come back to haunt him. 

Following Hamas terrorist attacks that resulted in at least 1,200 people in Israel being killed with another 2,700 wounded, MRC called on Soros to provide an explanation for funding the pro-Hamas group Al-Shabaka, which celebrated the terrorist invasion. However, it turns out that Soros has an even longer history of supporting Hamas.

The disturbing pro-Hamas headline from his March 19, 2007 screed posted on his personal website speaks for itself: “America and Israel Must Open the Door to Hamas.


Soros’s disturbing words, in effect, are nothing but pro-Hamas propaganda, which look even more despicable in retrospect. Soros proceeded in his op-ed to continue to attack Israel and the U.S. for refusing to do business with a Palestinian government that included Hamas:

Both Israel and the US seem frozen in their unwillingness to negotiate with a Palestinian Authority that includes Hamas. The sticking-point is Hamas’s unwillingness to recognise the existence of Israel, but that could be made a condition for an eventual settlement rather than a precondition for negotiations.

“George Soros has consistently and continuously funded the most hateful, anti-American and anti-freedom organizations in the world, and that includes terrorist organizations that want to bring an end to a Jewish state,” said MRC Business Vice President Dan Schneider. “But instead of shining a light on his disgusting plans, legacy media has protected him from criticism."

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