Men Have No Advantages Over Women? Gay Sports Site Says Otherwise

Jay Maxson | January 6, 2023
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Thank you, Outsports, for confirming what everyone knows – that men are superior to women in athletics. By boasting about the smashing success of “trans women” competing in women’s sports, Outsports establishes exactly the fact that men disrupt the playing field for women. 

Cyd Zeigler’s story lists 20 men who’ve won championships against weaker females, trying to present it as something spectacular. He first claims most trans women aren’t winning major titles, then contradicts himself by rattling off the names of men who’ve unsurprisingly “found success” against women.  

“Trans women” have “found success” in state, regional, national or international competitions, Zeigler gushes.  

They’re all competing within the rules, too, Zeigler asserts unconvincingly. These would be the rules of woke sports associations unwilling to risk the wrath of LGBTABCD fascists trying to deconstruct gender in sports venues. 

Tuck this link away for the next time someone tells you that men don’t shove women to the curb while they ascend victory stands in far too many sporting events. 

Of course, William “Lia” Thomas is the poster child for this group of cheeky men who make a mockery of women’s athletic competitions. As a disputed member of the University of Pennsylvania women’s swimming team, he broke a boat load of records during the season last year and won an NCAA Division I title in the 500 freestyle. 

Tiffany Abreu is a male ringer who dominated women’s volleyball competition in South America, resulting in a 2022 Brazilian Cup championship for his club. 

Super heavyweight JayCee Cooper used his brawny might to win the 2019 national championship for bench press. 

Veronica Ivy overcame hateful tweets and female cycling foes in winning the 2018 UCI World Masters Track Cycling Championships in his age category. 

New Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard took two Oceania Championships, two Commonwealth Championships and a World Masters Games championship during his career as a dame. He actually competed in the Olympics, but did not fare well because of injuries and age.  

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Lana Lawless showed the ladies how to hit a 254-yard drive against strong headwinds in the 2008 women’s Long Drivers of America event. 
CeCé Telfers ran female opponents into the ground by grabbing the NCAA Division II 400-meter hurdles title. She took a hurdler’s spot away from someone with female chromosomes in 2019 as a member of the Franklin Pierce women’s track and field team. Outsports cited him as its Female Athlete of the Year. Which is a real incentive for men languishing in mediocrity on male sports teams. It can be a ticket to fame. 

Mountain biker Kate Weatherly tore up the downhill race trail and bested girly girls in New Zealand’s 2018 and 2022 national championships. 

This is the short list of Zeigler’s trans stars who distinguished themselves by assuming female identities and finding success. 

Kudos to Outsports and Zeigler for compiling this tidy reference list of evidence demonstrating that males have no business in women’s athletics. 

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