Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey Showed Up to a Pride Event, and It Was...Bad

Brittany M. Hughes | June 29, 2022
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Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey – you remember, the guy who showed up to a Black Lives Matter rally, only to get chased out after declining to promise to dismantle the city’s entire police department? Yeah, him.

Apparently, some people just can’t stop being totally cringeworthy… and Frey here is one of them.

The radical lefty mayor joined a local “pride” event in his city sporting skin-tight jean shorts and a peppy attitude, which he then paraded around making a total fool of himself.

Check it out:

If that weren’t sad enough, then he did it again.

When Frey's done prancing about in his shorty-shorts, maybe he can put on his big boy pants and actually take a look at some of the far-left policies that are destroying his city and decimating minority communities.

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