Native Americans Who Oppose Redskins Name Change Give Supporters Taste of Own Medicine

danjoseph | March 5, 2015

Native Americans are fighting back against a recent effort by other groups to change the name of the Lancaster High School Mascot, which is currently the "Redskin."  As the debate rages in the Buffalo suburb, another group is fighting back with gentle mockery rather than ill-informed political correctness. 

Mark Beasley, a full-blooded member of the Navajo Nation has posted a petition which seeks to change the name of the city of Buffalo itself, arguing that the town's name is far more offensive than the term "Redskin" due to the history of "non-native" forces slaughtering the animals which the Native Americans considered sacred.

"The Native Americans behind the new petition believe that these entities, and others, are guilty of cultural hypocrisy in campaigning against the use of the Redskins name yet ignore the very real genocide many western Native Americans faced when the U.S.. Government supported the mass killing of the sacred Buffalo to reduce the once-free Native Americans to reservation dependents," wrote, petition creator Mark Beasley.

"End the pain and denigration these symbols and images incite and the damage to the psyches of Native Americans everywhere. Drop "Buffalo" from the New York city and its main news source and restore Native people's dignity."

Clearly, the introduction of the petition is more of a mockery of the political correctness of the anti-Redskins movement. But, the arguments presented in the petition are far more accurate than those by the Native American groups seeking to change the name of the team. 

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