Next Up? Philly May Soon Get a Bus Full of Illegals, Courtesy of Texas

Brittany M. Hughes | November 14, 2022
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Philadelphia may soon be the latest city to welcome an influx of illegal aliens courtesy of Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

The conveniently named City of Brotherly Love is getting its homeless shelters ready after reports tricked in from Texas that Abbott may send his first bus of several dozen recent border-crossers to the Philly, similar to the thousands of migrants who’ve been sent to New York City, Chicago, Washington, D.C., and even Martha’s Vineyard (that one brought to you by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis).

According to Fox News, Philadelphia officials said they haven’t gotten a heads up from Abbott’s office that the bus is actually coming, but that they were tipped off by someone in a non-government organization that the governor plans to direct at least one bus carrying 52 migrants to the city.

"This information was relayed to us from a community partner organization as Texas officials have not coordinated with the city," the spokesperson said. "We do not have an exact location of where the bus will disembark, nor do we have any specific information about those on board, nor do we know if other buses are planned."

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Mayors of affected blue cities, including NYC’s Eric Adams and Chicago’s Lori Lightfoot, have spent months whining and complaining about the “humanitarian crisis” that’s been dumped on their doorstep, as the influx of several thousands migrants quickly overwhelmed city resources, maxed out homeless shelters and nearby hotels, and strained an already buckling social welfare system.

Which, of course, are problems border towns face every single day thanks to the Biden administration’s open-door immigration policies - in fact, border agents nabbed an unprecedented 2.3 million illegal aliens crossing the Southwest U.S. border illegally in FY2022 alone.

But, apparently, it’s all fun and games until liberal cities have to choke down the consequences of their own system.

Next up? Philly.