Trans-Action: Ore. Boy Pretending to be Girl Beats the Crap Out of Real Girl

Nick Kangadis | September 28, 2023
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Kids can be cruel to each other. But what can be even more cruel is lying to a child and telling them that they can be whatever gender they want. Because if kids believe that lie, and it’s a major decision, why would they even listen to their parents again after the supposed adults in the room obviously acquiesce to child’s every whim? That’s when you get kids who feel they can do no wrong and that there are no repercussions for their actions.

According to video being shared on X (formerly Twitter), a boy beat the crap out of a girl at an Oregon school - go figure - while the boy’s girlfriends filmed it, stood back and did nothing except be useless.

Oh, by the way, this might be important to the story. The boy? Yeah, he’s trans and pretending he’s a girl.

“Talk s**t again, b**ch!” the trans girl said in her manliest voice before walking away.

Hypothetically, let’s say I had a daughter, and that daughter was beaten up by a mentally ill boy pretending to be a girl. I’d be knocking on that kid’s parents’ door and picking a fight with the soy-infused father that may or may not be in that child’s life.

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Two wrongs don’t make a right, obviously. But, you don’t put your hands on a member of someone’s family without some serious repercussions, since the school most likely won’t do anything out of fear of being labeled “transphobes.”

Well, this crap has got to stop. It’s time to stop placating people living in the land of make-believe. The Alphabet mafia has ruined people’s perception of that community, and because of that, people should no longer give the “transformers” the benefit of the doubt.

You want to placate a mental illness and call it brave? Do it on your own time and away from people I care about, because the end outcome will be exclusion, not inclusion.

I am very tolerant, but that doesn’t mean I accept every perversion under the sun.

Oh, and just to piss off the perpetual victims who might be upset with my words. That “trans girl” is a boy, always was a boy and always will be a boy.


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