Nothing to See Here! Trans Swimmer Disputes Male Athlete Advantages

Jay Maxson | April 26, 2023
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America’s first transgender college athlete says men have no physical advantages over women in athletics and actually believes that malarkey. Nice try, Schuyler Bailar, but no cigar.

Bailar was recruited in 2013 to compete on the Harvard University women’s swim team, then transitioned and ultimately joined the men’s team.  

Fox News posted a story explaining how Bailar criticized those who cite male physical advantages during the podcast she hosted Monday. Her guest was William “Lia” Thomas, a male fraud who wiped out the competition as a member of the Penn University women’s swim team in 2021-2022. 

Bailar said in his conversation with Thomas that most people go straight for the male “biological advantage” argument. And why wouldn’t they? 

“Biological diversity exists everywhere in sport, in every demographic of people and every demographic of women,” Bailar argued. “That’s kinda what sports are based on. I mean if everybody was exactly the same, there would be no competition. [Sports] depends on the fact that bodies are different, and they perform differently. When those differences exist in the men’s category, most people don’t care. In fact, they praise those differences.” 

Of course, this is a flawed argument, mixing apples and oranges. Other than Bailar, no one with an ounce of good sense is charging Michael Phelps and Aaron Judge with unfair strength advantages over smaller male rivals. The advantage men have over female athletes is the issue of the day, because it’s so unfair and the transgender agenda is so insidious. Clearly the best strategy this trans apologist could take was to change, as Bailar did. 

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Bailar’s argument falls completely apart in examining two small male athletes who prevailed over much larger rivals. The Houston Astros’ Jose Altuve, who stands a mere 5-feet-6-inches small, has won three American League batting championships and hit a walk-off home run to defeat Judge and the Yankees in the 2019 playoffs. Also, Japanese swimmer Kosuke Kitajima won Olympic gold in the100- and 200-meter breaststroke despite standing only 5-feet-8-inches. 

Yet, Bailar flails and fails. 

“Let’s look at Michael Phelps – winningest Olympian of all time,” Bailor said. “He’s super tall. He’s got this really long torso and he’s got a really wide wingspan – all specifically advantages in swimming. He also produces half the levels of lactic acid than the average athlete. Not the average person, the average athlete. And all of these things give him a massive biological advantage. But his biological differences are celebrated.” 

Phelps has biological advantages, but Bailer commented to “let him have his body as it is.” 

If Bailar’s feeble arguments accomplished anything, he confirmed that there's no argument able to detour the debate away from the blatant unfairness of transgendered men tilting the female athletics playing field.


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