Paper Suggests Pregnant 'Trans Men' Should Keep Taking Testosterone, Even If It Harms the Unborn Baby

Ken Meekins | July 20, 2023
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This is what happens when you make science gay. 

A recent paper published in the journal Qualitative Research in Health titled, “Medical uncertainty and reproduction of the ‘normal': Decision-making around testosterone therapy in transgender pregnancy" argues that it's completely fine for a woman to be on testosterone during a pregnancy - even if it harms the baby. Why? Because it’s wrong to prioritize a healthy child over the desires of the gender-confused woman who's carrying him. 

According to the paper, the desire for “normal fetal outcomes” is rooted in the problematic desire for mothers "to protect their offspring from becoming anything other than ‘normal’” and reflects “historical and ongoing social practices for creating ‘ideal' and normative bodies."

The authors of the study also suggest that most pregnancy care is too “gendered” toward women. 

“Lacking and uncertain medical evidence (HRT with testosterone during pregnancy and chest feeding) in a highly gendered treatment context (pregnancy and lactation care), both patients and providers tend to pursue precautionary, offspring-focused treatment approaches.” the study reads. 

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Most research shows that unnaturally high levels of testosterone can cause significant harm to an infant in the womb. The U.K.'s National Health System (NHS) recommends that a “trans-man” should pause taking testosterone for the time she is pregnant due to the fact that it can have negative impacts on the baby’s development. 

However, this study claims that if a “trans” person pauses testosterone, it can make “public recognition as a man more challenging” and could cause body dysphoria or depression. Therefore, a woman should continue taking the hormone for social acceptance, even if it means harming the helpless baby inside her.

This paper seems to suffer from science’s attempt in recent years to make itself more “queer” and “inclusive," throwing out biological reality in favor of pandering ideology.

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