Reinstated TN Rep Booted For Leading an Anti-Gun Rally On the House Floor Now Compares Himself to Jesus

Brittany M. Hughes | April 14, 2023
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Tell me this: when you think of an obnoxious Tennessee lawmaker who was kicked out of office for intentionally causing mayhem at his own state house in protest of our constitutional rights, do you think of Jesus?

No? Because he sure as heck does.

Justin Pearson, the discount Malcom X-wannabe who was booted from the Republican-controlled state legislature after he used a bullhorn to disrupt a House session and fuel an angry mob of protesters, now says he's basically like Christ, having survived an attempted "crucifixion" only to rise again. Or something.

Pearson and two of his Democrat cohorts, Reps. Justin Jones and Gloria Johnson, were demanding tighter gun control laws in the wake of a shooting by a transgender militant (no mention of that, of course) at a Nashville elementary school that left six people dead, including three kids. Dubbed the “Tennessee Three,” the little motley crew has been hailed by leftists all the way up to the White House for essentially leading a raucous protest against multiple state House rules. Both Pearson and Jones were voted off the state house island by Republicans, but were reinstated to their positions a few days later by their local county boards.

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Now, Pearson, whose Pentecostal preacher voice is about as authentic as the claim that gun laws stop criminals, says he’s basically like Jesus, accusing Republicans of trying to crucify him only to watch a “resurrection” instead.

“The voice of the people in Tennessee’s Distrcit [sic] 86, the voice that was unjustly removed, has been reinstated. What they believed to be a crucifixion, initiated a resurrection of a movement to create a democracy that works for the people!” Pearson tweeted Thursday. 

An interesting self-laudatory pat on the back, given that Pearson doesn’t even use his own voice, much less that of the people’s.